SlimPro Weight Loss Recipe - Fish with Salsa Verde

SlimPro Weight Loss Meals - Fish with Salsa Verde

Alright, this is my first blog recipe, so being nice to me!

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When you’re talking about weight loss and losing weight fast, you need to be thinking about what you eat for every meal. The secret is finding meals to suit the whole family while you’re doing it so that you’re not having to prepare different meals for everyone.

Tonight I’m going to do Fish with a Salsa Verde and you can use any white fish for this, I’m using Baramundi because I love it. So let's go.

Let's start with the sauce first. I don't know if you have a chopper, but I love this thing. I'm going to add all the ingredients apart from the fish into the chopper and mulch it.

I used to hate even the sound of the word capers, but after you taste this, you'll love them. Keep mulching until it’s a kind of chunky paste. Just sit that to the side and you’re going to start the fish. Take the fish out and trim off any of the extra small pieces so that the pieces are nicely even. For your portion you can calculate your 150g by dividing the weight of the total fish that you purchased (if you bought 600g of fish one fourth of that is yours).

Pour about a tablespoon of the sauce juice over the fish and add a little more salt and pepper. Just let it sit for a few minutes for the juice to be absorbed into the flesh.

Get your pan heating up to a medium heat and spray with extra virgin spray oil. Make sure that the pan is nice and hot before you pop the fish in (it needs to be sizzling a little). After you've fried fish on both sides so that it’s just cooked, remove from the pan to your plate to rest.

Now add the sauce into the pan, that'll capture all those juices from a fish as the sauce reduces. Reduce the sauce until it thickens.

Once you’re happy with the thickened consistency top the fish with the sauce and garnish with a little more coriander. This is really delicious with a salad or steamed vegetables.

A perfect summer meal.