Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories

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High Quality Air Fryer Accessories to fit KMart Air Fryer, Set of 7.

Make a pizza, yes even your cauliflower pizza base, eggs, pancakes, kebabs, chicken wings, a roast with minimal fuss or mess PLUS no extra oil or fat. 

I didn't believe it until I tried it. An air fryer is an excellent tool in your weight loss arsenal in the battle against the bulge.

These accessories allow for second layer of food, maximising your cooking surface. Perfect for vegetable, eggs, meat, kebabs.

Material:silicone + stainless steel

Package Contents:
1 x Cake Barrel
1 x Pizza Pan
1 x Silicone Mat
1 x Metal Holder
1 x Skewer Rack(With 4 skewers)
1 x Bread Shell
1 x Cup Cake/Mini-quiche Pan
1 x Dish Plate Clip

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