4. Up to 30kg (66lbs) SlimPro Maxi

4. Up to 30kg (66lbs) SlimPro Maxi

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If the goal is to achieve more than 20kg and to enjoy a Cleanse plus the extra support of the maintenance program to help maintain the goal, take a look at the savings of our SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack.

A great way for partners or a friend to do it together and get the maximum benefits of the SlimPro Program and SAVE.

+30 Day SlimPro Cleanse
+2 x 40 day SlimPro Drops
+30 Day SlimPro Maintain Program

You'll get:

  • Full Instructions
  • 12 month supply of SlimPro Cleanse (1 week repeated 4 times a year) Help prepare the body (Or 6 months per person if two people participating)
  • 80 Day Supply SlimPro Drops to achieve the weight loss goal
  • 30 Day Supply of SlimPro Maintain to help stay in control
  • Weigh In Chart and Scales App
  • Menu tips and ideas
  • 5 Top secret recipes to get you started
  • 1 Week Meal Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Carry bag

Step 1 - SlimPro Cleanse

A simple, easy and gentle Cleanse may assist your body with natural detoxification, relieve bloating in no time. Releasing toxins in the system so that they can be flushed away and breaking down waste that builds from the gut down through to the colon.

No running to the loo like aggressive laxative based detoxes. A very gentle cleansing system that when taken twice a day takes 7 days to complete it's cycle leaving a feeling of being clean and clear again.

Participants often report an improvement in skin becoming clearer when following the body brushing!

May relieve feelings of sluggishness and clogging to detox and cleanse from the inside.

It's recommend repeating the detox every 3 months for 7 days to keep the pathway clear but if suffering from constipation can be taken daily to stay regular.

Recommended before starting any weight loss program of any type. We always suggest a 1 week cleanse prior to beginning to give the body the best opportunity to succeed. Clear passages allows the body to absorb full nutrients.

This 1 week cleanse is a great start to feeling great and getting ready to begin any weight loss challenge.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets for a 12 month supply of detox if repeated every 3 months for 1 week.

Also included:

  • SlimPro Cleanse Guide Book with full instructions
  • SlimPro Body Brushing Guide (Brushes available for sale separately - HIGHLY recommended)
  • SlimPro Cleanse Meal Planner
  • SlimPro Cleanse Shopping List

Accessory Pack also available if you'd like to do the FULL body cleanse.

WARNING: Contains Nuts, please advise for an alternative Cleanse when ordering.

Step 2 - SlimPro Drops

This SlimPro Drops Maxi Pack come with an 80 day supply (2 x bottles of 40 days) and assist the body releasing and purging abnormal stored energy back into the system. Then this energy is broken down with the L-Carnitine into the bloodstream where the body uses it for fuel before it uses the food eaten.

The SlimPro Program comes with a sample week long eating plan to follow to get started on the right track. Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks every day so there's no deprivation while following the Program.

Literally thousands of calories floating around the body all the time from the energy being released, the meals plus snacks eaten stops the body going into starvation mode. Will not break down muscle and cannot lose too much because it will only use the normal body energy stores.

During this step of the program it’s really important to be eating at least the 3 meals every day to kick start your metabolism again. The 2 snacks are optional. While using the SlimPro Drops in conjunction with the SlimPro Eating Plan, most dieters will achieve maximum (results will vary from person to person).

10 tiny drops onto a teaspoon and leave them under the tongue for 2-5 minutes, 10-15 minutes prior to eating 3 main meals a every day. They taste a bit like cough medicine so they're not too unpleasant. 

It’s that simple. 10 Drops, 3 times a day. Follow the eating plan. Sit back and relax. No starvation and no exercise required eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

Most participants will start feeling and seeing the results within 1-7 days.

At SlimPro we always encourage getting out and walk/move and to make exercise part of an everyday routine but it's not compulsory, don't have to exercise while participating on the SlimPro Program to lose weight. Lose it first, then go get those new sneakers and a gym membership to tone up!

Now this section of the SlimPro Program by itself is usually $359.90 for the 80 day supply which will give up to 25kg. As part of the Maxi Pack, I'ts cheaper than any other method of Complete Program. That’s less than a cup of coffee every day!

Just imagine the feeling of fitting back into favourite clothes again!

Step 3 - SlimPro Maintenance Program

Once the ideal weight goal is reached the next step of the SlimPro Complete Program is the Maintenance.

The SlimPro Maintain Program was created to assist by boosting the metabolism and therefore burning excess energy sources and suppressing the appetite as a continuation of the SlimPro Drops without releasing that extra energy every day and therefore the perfect maintenance product to assist in maintaining the goal weight.

Monitoring the scales on a daily basis while completing the Maintain stage allows participants to STAY IN CONTROL.

The appetite will continue to be kept under control, participants report feeling amazing at this stage!!

It's recommend to continue taking the SlimPro Maintain for a minimum of 3 months after the goal weight is reached to allow the development and cementing of good, healthy eating habits ;learned and provide the best control environment to maintain the goal weight.

100% natural, can be taken for long term to keep the appetite under control. See the 12 monthly subscription option.

Another option is to take the Maintain at the same time as the SlimPro Drops. This will really give the added benefits in the results.


Makes sense doesn't it? SlimPro will provides the tools to reach goals fast and keep it off. 

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SlimPro has helped people all over the world reach those goals they so desperately want to and be that person they know they can be. Even if suffering injuries and can't move around a lot or just plain hate the gym! Let SlimPro help.

We always recommend participants stay as active as possible as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle but to reach goals on the SlimPro Program it’s not a necessity.

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*Must be taken in conjunction with the meal plan and eating program provided

*Individual results may vary from person to person. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.