Up to 30kg (66lbs) SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack

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If you want to lose more than 20kg and want to enjoy a Detox Cleanse plus the extra support of a Fat Burner to help maintain your weight or keep your appetite suppressed, you'll love the savings of our SlimPro Complete Maxi Pack.

A great way for you and a your partner or a friend to do it together and get the maximum benefits of the SlimPro Program and SAVE.

SlimPro Detox + Weight Loss Drops + Maintenance Fat Burner

You'll get:

  • Full Instructions
  • 12 month supply of SlimPro Detox Cleanse (7 days repeated 4 times a year)
  • 80 Day Supply SlimPro Weight Loss Drops
  • 30 Day Supply of Maintain Fat Burner
  • Weigh In Chart and Scales App
  • Menu tips and ideas
  • Suggested Sample Meal Planner
  • Carry bag
  • SlimPro Detox Guide
  • SlimPro Detox Meal Planner
  • SlimPro Detox Shopping List

Step 1 - SlimPro Detox Cleanse

Flush the toxins from your body and dissolve the build up that accumulates throughout the years leaving your body ready to absorb the SlimPro Drops.

By detoxing before you start the SlimPro Weight Loss Drops you are creating the best possible environment within your body for the Drops to do their work. This pre-program Detox is a gentle 7 day cleanse that should be repeated every 3 months to maintain the clear path for nutrition absorption.

Dissolve build up from your gut down through your colon and flush toxins from your system.

Previous clients have achieved up to 2kg within this 7 day period from ridding waste. The Detox Cleanse is also available separately and it is suggested a cleanse every 3 months regardless of your diet to assist in intestinal health.

WARNING: Contains nuts, please request alternate cleanse when ordering.

Step 2 - SlimPro Weight Loss Drops x 2 Bottles

The SlimPro Weight Loss Drops force your fat cells to purge the abnormal, excess fats back into your system where your body will use it for energy first, then use the foods you eat. Thousands of calories every day will be circulating for your body to utilise.

In this stage of the SlimPro Program there is an eating program you follow with your 3 meals and 2 snacks. The Drops contain an appetite suppressant so after the first few days you will not feel very hungry. It's now that some people will be tempted to go back to trying to not eat or eat less than is prescribed, however you must at least eat your 3 meals (the 2 snacks are optional) to maintain your metabolism.

You can't lose too much weight and your body will not break down muscle as you'll be using your abnormal fats along with the food you are eating.

Previous clients have achieved up to 30kg in the 80 days of the Program so, up to 375g per day throughout 

You'll notice the weight loss start on day 3 of this part of the SlimPro Program and it just keeps getting better! 

Step 3 - Maintenance Fat Burner

Once you reach your goal weight you'll move on to the Maintenance Phase of the Program. The SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner was created to assist by boosting your metabolism and therefore burning for fat and suppressing your appetite as a continuation of the SlimPro Drops without releasing the fats and therefore the perfect maintenance product.

You'll be changing your eating slightly with different foods and monitoring how your body reacts to them on a daily basis. It's pretty clear straight away what your body likes to hold on to and makes you put weight back on but you'll be monitoring it on a daily basis and able to change those foods out with others as you learn what are your danger foods. The Maintain allows you to STAY IN CONTROL.

Your appetite will be suppressed but your metabolism will be peaking, you'll be feeling amazing!!

It's recommend you continue taking the SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner for a minimum of 3 months after you reach your goal weight while to allow you to develop and cement good, healthy eating habits and provide you with the best control environment to maintain your weight loss.

100% natural, you can continue taking the Maintain on a long term basis to keep your appetite under control. You'll love the results.

The SlimPro Maintain Fat Burner comes in a 30 day supply.

To REALLY knock the edge off your appetite or to get a kick start on your Program you may take these at the same time as your SlimPro Drops.


Makes sense doesn't it? SlimPro will give you the tools you've always wanted to lose weight fast and keep it off. 

We rely on your success to advertise our products so we'll even reward you once you lose your weight with small incentives.

Check out our Facebook Page to see photos of our real life customers who are just like you, stories, comments, special offers and competitions.

SlimPro has helped people all over the world lose the weight they so desperately want to and be that person they know they can be. Even if you suffer injuries and can't move around a lot or just plain hate the gym! Let SlimPro help you.

We always recommend you stay as active as you can as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle but to lose weight on the SlimPro Program it’s not a necessity.



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