SlimPro Maintenance Program

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Perfect to maintain hard earned results and keep metabolism working at peak levels. Recommended for a minimum of 30 days after reaching the weight goal, perfect for long term maintenance. (Step 3 of the Complete SlimPro Program)

SimPro Maintenance Program

Once the ideal weight goal is reached the next step of the SlimPro Program is the Maintenance.

The SlimPro Maintain Program was created to assist by boosting the metabolism and therefore burning excess energy sources and suppressing the appetite as a continuation of the SlimPro Drops.

Without releasing that extra energy every day and therefore the perfect maintenance product to assist in maintaining the goal weight.

Monitoring the scales on a daily basis while completing the Maintain stage allows participants to STAY IN CONTROL.

The appetite will continue to be kept under control, participants report feeling amazing at this stage!!

It's recommend to continue taking the SlimPro Maintain for a minimum of 3 months after the goal weight is reached to allow the development and cementing of good, healthy eating habits learned and provide the best control environment to maintain the goal weight.

100% natural, can be taken for long term to keep the appetite under control. See the 12 monthly subscription option.

Another option is to take the Maintain at the same time as the SlimPro Drops. This may provide the added benefits in the results. (Results will differ from person to person).

Makes sense doesn't it? SlimPro will provides the tools to reach goals fast and keep it off. 

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SlimPro has helped people all over the world reach those goals they so desperately want to and be that person they know they can be. Even if suffering injuries and can't move around a lot or just plain hate the gym! Let SlimPro help.

We always recommend participants stay as active as possible as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle but to reach goals on the SlimPro Program it’s not a necessity.


*Must be taken in conjunction with the meal plan and eating program provided

*Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA