SlimPro Maintenance Program

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Perfect to maintain your hard earned results and keep your metabolism working at peak levels. Recommended for a minimum of 30 days after your reach your kg goal, perfect for long term maintenance. (Step 3 of the Complete SlimPro Program)

SimPro Maintenance Program

Once you reach your kg goal you'll move on to the Maintenance part of the Program.

The SlimPro Maintain Program was created to assist by boosting your metabolism and therefore burning excess energy sources and suppressing your appetite as a continuation of the SlimPro Drops without releasing that extra energy every day and therefore the perfect maintenance product for helping you maintain your goal.

You'll be monitoring your scales on a daily basis while the Maintain allows you to STAY IN CONTROL.

Your appetite will be continue to be suppressed but your metabolism will be peaking, you'll be feeling amazing!!

It's recommend you continue taking the SlimPro Maintain for a minimum of 3 months after you reach your goal weight while to allow you to develop and cement good, healthy eating habits and provide you with the best control environment to maintain your goal.

100% natural, you can continue taking the Maintain on a long term basis to keep your appetite under control. You'll love the results.

Another option is to take the Maintain at the same time as the SlimPro Basic Program with the SlimPro Drops. This will really give you the benefit of appetite suppressant and get your metabolism pumping at the same time.


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